We are pleased to announce our latest work in development, "HAYABUSA-CYBER" the on-line game.

Today, we are facing a new era in which warfare is fought, not in the actual battle fields, but in cyberspace. This game will aim to educate people of all walks of life, from casual computer users to security engineers and experts alike, to become better prepared for the new era that we are entering, to protect not just individuals ourselves, but also our workplaces, corporations, and ultimately in the end, our world. This on-line game will also be made available as a package product for use in the field of security education.


Detailed information

What is CTF?

CTF is a contest in which contestants compete in their knowledge and skills for computer security, and they are held as an event in security conferences around the world (one major one is DEFCON). CTF stands for "Capture The Flag" and it comes from the fact that you make attacks on your opponent's server and protect your own from your opponents.

Problems are often presented in Jeopardy style, and contenstants will try to answer trivias, decrypt ciphers, analyze network packets, and even make intrusions to your opponent's server to uncover hidden information. Contestants compete for points that are awarded according to the difficulty of the problem.

CTFs that are part of security conferences are usually held by gathering in one location in a controlled environment, however, as HAYABUSA-CYBER is held online, anyone can participate from anywhere in the world!

Vulnerability testing and assessment contest "HAYABUSA-CYBER"

During the "HAYABUSA-CYBER," contestants will compete in the skills to discover numerous vulnerabilities prepared by the administrators. They will be honored according to the time it took to find the vulnerability, the difficulty of the vulnerability, and the method taken to find the vulnerability.

What is the online game site "HAYABUSA-CYBER": It is the practical boosting of one another's vulnerability testing and assessment skills.

On this site, you can hone your skills by discovering and analyzing vulnerabilities in the vulnerable server prepared by the administrators of the site. Also, the participants themselves can prepare servers with hard to discover vulnerabilities and post a problem, challenging others with their own vulnerability analyzing skills. In this manner, this online site, allows users to always challenge one another with the latest techniques in vulnerability testing.

Since this game site is always "on-line," you can practice your vulnerability testing skills anytime. Practicing your skills here will allow you to aim for high rankings in the CTF – Capture the Flag events that are held annually around the world.

What’s next for "HAYABUSA-CYBER": Expanding into the fields of security education

In recent years, we have seen a huge growth of interests in security training by companies and governments around the world. There are numerous security conferences. However, some fall short in that they only serve to provide enlightenment for the topic but not really "hands-on." We feel there are shortages of hands-on security engineers.

Without learning about the actual real-world vulnerabilities through hands-on experience, it is not possible to train a real practical engineer. With the game "HAYABUSA-CYBER" that we have developed, we aim to heighten the awareness for information security in the general public as well as elevating the skills of those in the security fields, through having fun!

For now, we will start providing training online; however, we plan to also provide easy-to-use training material for the security education field as a game package.

The game "HAYABUSA-CYBER" aims to heighten the awareness for information security through having fun! For now, we hope you enjoy HAYABUSA-CYBER!


I would like to give a welcome to have "HAYABUSA-CYBER" as CTF event.

Towards the end of 1980s that I was at SRI International (Menlo Park USA), was a time when an SRI engineer would spend 30 minutes every morning, assigning IP address requests coming in from all over the world, not having to worry about running out of IP addresses. Of course, UUCP was the mainstream in the Internet world then, and the flow of information was simpler. Since then, with the advent of the Web and mobile phone, more information started running though the world.

Visiting a friend and pressing the doorbell to notify your presence... It may be that the information had flown around the world, from the moment that you pressed the bell before that information actually got to your friend.

Today, you really cannot be certain how the information will flow and how it will be used. Your mobile phone might be eavesdropping or watching you without your knowledge. It has now become a reality in this world for this to actually happen. In a world like this, it is imperative that we protect our information and eliminate those threats.

Unfortunately, there are shortages of security engineers who are the watchdogs of that information, both in numbers and quality. CTF events are held in many countries for competing and improving ones skills in information security, however, there is only a handful of voluntary CTFs held in Japan. I expect that by holding a CTF event as private company, This CTF event which uses "HAYABUSA-CYBER" would therein change the awareness for information security in the minds of people in Japan, and make reformations in training information security engineers. Also, this "practical hands-on game for the training of security engineers" provided, is a training ground for the soldiers fighting in the midst of this ever-evolving threat in information security, through the hands-on experiences of hacking, and learning the techniques for securing information. Experiencing the world of hacking is the only way to fight against hackers.

Providing such place through gaming is an idea that has never been introduced before.

Please experience the hacking and see for yourselves.

Minoru Niwa - former SRI International Partners Research Engineer